Friday, April 14, 2006

Spring Break Fun!

We had a wonderful Spring Break together as a family. I was busy working on a class. My teaching license expires in June, so I am trying to get a couple of classes done. I am taking one on my own through Indiana Wesleyan and then I am taking another this summer during a 40 hour week! Ugh! Josh got a few days alone with the girls as I went into my classroom for some time alone to focus. Josh wrapped up his final class as well! He is finished with his Master's and will graduate in May! We are so proud of him. We were able to squeeze in a few outdoor activities on the warmer days. Of course, we headed to the park. Sophie is so different this year. She was still a little clumsy on things last year. She took right off and started climbing up the rope bridge this year and I couldn't believe it! She has come so far. Halle enjoyed riding in her stroller feeling the breeze blow on her face. It was great family time!

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