Monday, January 9, 2012

Sophie's broken arm journey...

Well, on January 7 at about 8pm Sophie, Halle and Ian were all snuggled in their pajamas and ready for bed.  They were finishing up some playing in the living room, so I went upstairs to prepare for our bedtime routine and Josh was downstairs with the kids.  All of a sudden, Sophie was screaming a very scary scream, laying on the ground, holding her arm saying, "I think I broke my arm."  After looking at her arm - in the shape of a Z at the elbow, it was clear that we needed to rush to the ER now!  So, we did.  One thing led to another and it was confirmed that she broke her humerus and it would require a surgical fix.
She got a cute little snowman with an IV and his arm in a cast.  Our friends and family showered her love love and special treats.  These Mike and Ikes made her smile from The Greene's.  We stayed in the hospital for 24 more hours.  She did well, and the nurses loved taking care of her!  They were sad to see us go.  :)
She enjoyed watching some cable - we don't have that at home!  Her friends brought her lots of balloons!
She got a rainbow bear named "Peace".  The nurses pushed her out in a wheelchair and signed her temporary cast.
I give the nurses 5 stars for the love and care they gave to us.  They were so sweet and helpful.

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