Thursday, January 12, 2012

Passion does not equal Perfection.

I think it's pretty clear through this blog and my non-reader friends and family that I'm pretty passionate about mothering, education and home management.

Passionate, I am!

A sweet little friend of mine texted me several days ago and asked to meet.  She said she felt like she was "failing as a mother" and wanted to get together.  I texted back and said, "Yes!  I'd love to meet, but just so you know... you are not failing as a mother."

We met a few nights ago, and it was so encouraging to sit with another mom with a full plate, just like mine.  We shared some resources and ideas with each other, shared stories, encouraged each other, and just sighed, smiled and laughed at moments.

At one point, I started feeling like I was being looked upon like I had it all together.  I looked at her and said something like, "I'm passionate about all of this stuff, but I want you to know - I'm not perfect.  My house is not perfect.  My kids are not perfect.  Even with all of these procedures and routines in place, my house still blows up at times.  My kids makes messes, throw fits, rebel, poop pants, pee the bed and wear me out."

I struggle too.

Some days, I feel like I'm failing too.

I am weak.  I melt down.  I struggle.  I need God.  I need a village.

I think it's ok to be passionate, but that doesn't mean it's going to be perfect.

I want to be passionate and peaceful!

I want to be passionate about mothering, education and our home.  I want to RELAX in the moments that create pressure in my stomach.  I want to feel peace and glorify God through it all.

Passionate, I am.

Perfect, I am not.

Peaceful, I want to be.

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