Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Homeschool Planner

I have tried several planning forms and this is what has worked fabulous for me this year.  I am totally a paper pencil type of girl.  I know there are online homeschool tracker programs that my friends really like, but I just don't want to be tied to the computer.  I have my planning sheet in front of us throughout the day, and I'm able to erase and maneuver things as we go.  I like that!  I hole punch them and keep them in a binder, and that is my "record keeping" system.

So, here you go!

I fill in the dates down the side and I number the boxes 1-7 along the top.  My seven categories are:
1.  Math
2.  Reading
3.  Language/Grammar (Sophie)  Phonics (Halle)
4.  Writing
5.  Bible/Character
6.  Science/History
7.  PE/Art

Along the right hand side, I record field trips, read alouds, service projects and anything extra we've done that I feel is worthy of being recorded.  So much of our learning is spontaneous, so it gets recorded as we go!

I used this one from Earlybird Homeschool last year when we were casually homeschooling ;) - but I found it didn't have enough room for us this year.  And... I think my personality wanted a record of each day and not the whole week.  But, I like it!

So, here are 2 choices for you!

What lessons plan forms do you use?

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