Our Homeschool

I'm updating this page on September 12, 2012.  It's been nearly a month since Sophie and Halle started attending a fabulous public school in our neighborhood.  We homeschooled exclusively last year.  No matter where your children do school during 9-3:30, I really do believe that parents play a huge role in their child's education.

I believe our home plays a huge role in my children's learning.  So, no matter where my children attend school from 9-3:30 M-F, we will always "homeschool" and teach our children - spiritually, academically, emotionally, physically.

In fact, I believe everyone should "homeschool".

So, with that said, this is what "homeschool" looks like in our home with a 3rd grader, 1st grader and 3 year old little boy.

So much of our learning comes from experiencing the world and simply playing.  Our children spend so much time in Fantasy Land.  They are continually constructing, traveling to far away places, doing plays, performing concerts, creating, role playing, and on and on.  They also spend a lot of time outside playing with neighbor friends, helping in the garden and looking for bugs.  Our 3 children play so much and so well with each other - but they absolutely squabble.  I believe that is a fabulous part of their education as well.

I will continue to edit this list with new and fresh ideas we stumble across and enjoy.

Play - I absolutely LOVE the book Playful Learning.  Get it, get it, get it!

Our Character Education Curriculum - Family Room Values.  We have not used our Family Room Values kits a ton, but it's loaded with great ideas that we can use for years to come.  We also really like The Children's Book of Virtue from Sonlight for Ian that comes with the P4/5 core curriculum.  We have and enjoy A Child's Book of Character Building

Our Spiritual Curriculum - we use our church's curriculum that comes home with us each Sunday.

Our Math Curriculum - During the school year, the school provides their main curriculum.  We encourage Khan Academy for extra practice.  During the summer, we worked through Kumon books and Singapore.

Sophie's Reading Curriculum - Explode the Code from Sonlight for additional vocabulary, spelling and phonetic development.

Halle's Reading Curriculum - Halle is also working through Explode the Code for additional spelling and phonetic development.

Grammar Curriculum - Together, we are working through First Language Lessons.

Ok, taking a break... more to come!  :)
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