Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our Chore/Commission Chart System

We tried several systems over the years, and it finally got to the point where we were all desiring a combination of a chore chart and the opportunity to earn some money.  So, after consulting with a few of my very wise friends, we eventually come up with a Chore/Commission Chart System that really works for us.  We have been doing this for several months, and it's fitting our needs at the moment.  I am going to do my best to explain what we do in our home.

On Sundays, Sophie and Halle get a cute little chore chart that looks like this:
 You can find age appropriate chores and chore charts all over the place.  Tweak it to fit your family!

I put ours in scribd for you, and it prints really well!  I would just make sure to print in black and white - unless you don't mind using all of your color ink!  ;)

Here's what we do:

Taking Care of Myself
Get dressed {7}
Brush my teeth {7}
Brush my hair {7}
(all of these have to be done by 9:30 am, or they do not get credit for completion)

Taking Care of my Bedroom
Make my bed {7}
(beds have to be made by 9:30 too, or they do not get credit for completion.
I make all unmade beds when I lay Ian down for his nap.)
Put away my clothes {1}
Wash my laundry {1}
Clean up my room {2}

Helping Around the House
Empty trash cans and replace liners {1}
Clean glass {2}
Dust {1}

Other Chores I Need to Do
Bring up the trashcans {1}
Take out the compost {1}
Hang clothes on the line {2}

The # next to the chore is how many opportunities they have to complete each chore per week.  So, you will see (if you count) there are 40 opportunities to complete a chore.  We pay 10 cents per chore.  Each child has THE OPPORTUNITY to earn $4 per week.  Very rarely do they earn all $4.  I do not nag or whine for them to complete their chores.  It is in their lesson plans, and it's posted on a cute note on their desks.  And... I may remind them a couple of times during the day.  If they don't do it, I will (or won't) and simply pay myself - that means I take 10 cents out of their spending $ and add it to my stash that I use to pay out.

 It helps all of us to break it down into daily responsibilities.
I even have my own daily chores!  I'll share those soon.

So, on Sundays - we pull out their jars, calculate how many chores were completed, do the math and distribute the money.

They GIVE 10% 
They SAVE 10%
They KEEP 80%

Here are their jars:
Don't worry, all of Sophie's spending $ is in her wallet!  :)

I know there are MANY ways to do this... but this is OUR way.  I hope it was encouraging to you.  Let me know if you have any questions or other fun tips!  I sure do love ideas.

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