Our Mission

Well, here it is...

Our Family Mission Statement:   

Our family will follow Jesus, love others, live simply and learn always. 

This is what we stand for.

Over our Winter Break, Josh and I spent a few nights (in front of a fire and sipping wine) answering some questions, having conversations and defining what it is we want to stand for.

After answering the questions together and individually, we looked for common themes.  It wasn't easy coming up with our main statement.  In fact, we argued a bit.  I just wanted to steal someone else's that I agreed with!  Josh wanted to be more creative and come up with an original one.  Finally, a statement came to us (our own - we didn't steal it). 

Our goal was to make it simple enough for everyone - at all ages - to be able to memorize.  Under our main statement, we have several bullets that specifically define how we will:  follow Jesus, love others, live simply and learn always.

Our plan is to revisit the statement at each New Year (or Halftime) and make any changes we believe need to be made.

After we finalized our statement, we grabbed some left over chalkboard paint that was stored in our basement, Josh painted, and a few days later I and posted it in our kitchen - in a place we see most of the day.

As we are making decisions, we find ourselves glancing up or simply asking ourselves, "Does this fit with our mission?"

I like it - it keeps us focused on the Mission.

I believe this is part of living with intention - living with a mission.

What do you stand for?  How do you want to raise your family?  How do you want others to view your family?  What do you believe in?
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