Saturday, January 28, 2012

Christmas Morning...

I'm still working hard and doing my best on documenting December!  

We had a beautiful Christmas morning.

Milk, cookies and lists were set out on Christmas Eve.

Reindeer food was sprinkled on the lawn, and we read The Night Before Christmas.

One of the best things we did this year was to establish and review our Christmas Morning etiquette.  We did it as a whole group (so each child had ownership in the procedures).  

Josh was the recorder - he wrote it out, posted it and reviewed it before we went to bed for the night.

Our hope was for Christmas morning to be as peaceful as possible - with 3 little ones involved.
 It was beautiful and peaceful.

 The kids were calm and respectful.

Daddy was calm...

Ian and Grace was even pretty calm!  :)

My Mom was in Florida over Christmas, so we had her dog, Grace.  I think she fits in pretty well here.

Of course, we celebrated the Man we follow and love so much!

We had a little birthday party...

 and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus!

 We love you, Jesus!

You are our rock and the reason we celebrate.

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