Tuesday, January 31, 2012

10 days after the break and surgery...

Sophie had her first orthopedic appt. 10 days after the break and her surgery.

So, on January 17th - we went in to get the splint cut off, x-rays and a new cast put on.

The appt lasted a couple hours and was pretty intense.

She was pretty emotional with the whole process, scared to see her arm and pretty fragile.

The Yucky Details:

::  She had a few fracture blisters - when you swell so much and your skin can't stretch any further, your skin blisters.  :(  That's what happened to her in a few spots on her poor little arm.

::  We could SEE the pins sticking out of her arm.

::  Bloody gauze was wrapped around the pin sites that had to be pried off.

::  Her skin was all wrinkly.

::  Once the splint was off we had to get her elbow bent back to 90 degrees to cast it.  :/  After letting her cry about if for a bit, I had to get a little firm.  I looked at her and said, "Listen.  The quicker you get your arm moved, the quicker we get it casted and get out of here.  Are you ready?!"  She shook her little head at me, "yes".

The Beautiful Details:

::  The x-rays showed bone growth already!

::  The fracture blisters are normal and were healing great!

::  The pin sites looked great!

::  There's bone growth already happening!

::  She toughened up and got her arm moved to 90 degrees!

::  She got a beautiful purple cast!

::  We're scheduled to get it removed on Feb 14 - the day of LOVE!

The Prayer Requests:

::  On Feb 14, the cast will be removed and the pins will be pulled out.  I was told this isn't going to be fun.

::  I've asked a very special person to go along with us for extra help and support - so I'm not alone this time.

::  Honestly, the first appt wiped me out.  I can't explain why, but it did.  It pretty much knocked me down for a few days after.

::  So... could you twist all of that into a fabulous prayer request for us?!  :)

I really do love you all.

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  1. Let me know if you need me. Sophie will be good. XO Nena


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