Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...

from our home to yours!

I did not write, print and mail an official Christmas letter this year - mostly because I didn't want to pay full price for the paper!  But - I found some paper on clearance after Christmas and it's all stored away and ready to go for next year!  :)

So - for this year, you'll get a super simple, short and sweet "Christmas Letter" right here.

Ok - here you go...

Josh:  I'll start with the man of the house.  He's a total doll.  He's super hot, and if I was looking for a man to marry today - I'd pick him all over again!  I'm blessed - truly blessed.  He works his tail off in and out of the home.  He is the assistant principal and athletic director at a middle school.  In addition, he is currently working on his PhD in Educational Leadership and has about 1 year of classes left, and then he'll write.  I'm not sure when he'll be totally done, but we are totally having a PhD party when he's finished!  It's more about me than him - it's an I Survived Party!  ;)  Other than working and studying, he teaches in the K-1 classroom at church on Sundays, plays in a tennis league, plays guitar and loves dates with his babes and dates with his lady.  He spreads himself out pretty equally between each of us.  He is a lover.  I think I'm his biggest fan.

Me:  uhhh... I am me.  Reading here, you know me pretty well - I am sure.  I love my calling - I am a wife, mother, teacher and Christ follower.  I am passionate and hope to be humble.  I need God, fail a lot and cannot experience peace without a great surrender.  A day does not go by without me sending up praises and thanksgiving for all I've been blessed with.  I am blessed - blessed indeed.

I think I'll ask Josh to write about the kids...  :) 

stay tuned.

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