Meet Us

Hello!  My name is Myah and I'm married to a very special guy, Josh.

I am a Christ follower, wife and mother to 3 children {ages 8, 6 and 3} These little blessings have taken me to places I'd never choose to go on my free will.  Becoming a Mother has transformed me, and I am a different woman!  I give thanks everyday that God has entrusted us with these 3 children, and I take this career very serious.

Before working at home full time, I taught in the public school system for 6 years.  My husband works as an educational administrator and is currently working on his PhD in Educational Leadership. So, we're pretty passionate about learning and leadership.  Several years ago, I left the school system so I could serve full time in our home.  I like to describe my current career as Home Manager and Educator.

Mission Minded Mothering was created with my children in mind.

Miss Sophie - 8
Miss Halle - 6
Mr. Ian - 3

Through my writing, I hope to create a treasure for my children - something they can turn to now and all throughout their lives - full of memories, wisdom and encouragement - from their Mommy {and Mommy's inspiration}.  I hope to authentically capture their lives and my journey as a faithful wife, mother, teacher and Home Manager - the ups, downs and everything in between.

I am passionate about intentional, simple living and living with our mission in mind.  I enjoy all things homemade, and I absolutely love creating and maintaining a peaceful haven for our family.

My hope is that this blog would be full of special moments, wisdom and encouragement that my family will treasure for years and - just maybe - others will enjoy it along the way.

I love learning from others, so join in and follow Mission Minded Mothering - if you choose.

I'm happy you're here!
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