Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ian the protector!

I am blown away by Ian's protecting instincts.  It doesn't matter who the victim is - Halle, Sophie, Josh or me - Ian will get your back!  His face wrinkles up and he's on the case to rescue the one who is hurting, and he starts yelling at the person causing the pain!  He always tells me that he's "never going to let me go, and he will save me from monsters!"  He loves and protects his Momma.

I think he believes his job is to protect his nest and Jesus will protect him.

The other day he said, "Mom, Jesus will save me from monsters.  Jesus is a saver!"

I replied, "Yes, boy.  Jesus is a saver!  He will save you from all the monsters in your life!"

Let's think about that for a second...

Jesus will save us from monsters.

Jesus is a saver.

Yes, He will!  Yes, He is!

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