Monday, June 26, 2006

Great News!

I have so many other posts I need to do, but I just had to jump in and do this one NOW! We are officially on day 4 with Sophie out of diapers (except for bedtime)!!! Isn't that great!? It started on Friday when Little Miss Independent refused to wear diapers. So Josh said, "Fine, then put on your panties." She thought they were so cool. That night we went out to see some music and she went pee in a public restroom. We went to a wedding reception on Sat. night and she stayed dry there and used the public restroom. On Sunday, we went to the zoo and she peed her pants! She said, "Uh Oh, I went potty!" It was so funny. I suggest for her to wear a pull-up when we go out, but she won't. She has only had 2 peeing accidents over the 4 days of training. Today, she refused to wear a diaper for her nap. She just had to wear her princess panties. I even offered to put her panties on over her pull-up. It wasn't going to happen. I made her sit on the toilet before the nap and she pooped, so I didn't really care if she peed the bed. I just didn't want for her to poop the bed! Sure enough, she peed. But she is getting the hang of it. Josh just took the girls to stay all night with his mom for the night. I said, "We need to sit on the potty before we get in the car." She hopped up there and peed. I feel like we're over the hump. I hope it continues to go well!


  1. Wow! That is great! Nathan still uses the potty, but he is still having a LOT of accidents! If he could stay dry for more than 45 minutes, that would help. :) How often do you take her to use the potty? Maybe I can learn something from you. :)

  2. Karla,
    Sophie stays dry for a long 2 hours. I take her to sit on the potty every hour, but she doesn't go. The 2 accidents she had were after not going for 3 hours or so. Have Jenn forward your email to me and we can email about it. Can't wait to chat!


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