Monday, April 28, 2008

Children's Ministry Conference

Last week, I was gone Tuesday through Friday at a Children's Ministry Conference near Chicago. It exceeded my expectations, and I grew in ways I never imagined. I have been to teaching conferences throughout my career, and it was very similar to those. We attended breakout sessions that we selected before hand. Although, there were some major differences. :) Rather than teaching in a school - we focused on the church. Rather than stressing out about test scores and grading papers - we teach about Jesus. It's great!!! :)

The church where the conference was held is Willow Creek Church. It has an attendance of 20,000. Wow! This is Diane and me standing in front of a water fountain in the children's area.
I loved my break out sessions. I learned more about planning events, working with volunteers, and child discipline. I loved them all!
In the evenings, we enjoyed going back to our hotel room after dinner, putting on our jammies, watching TV, and checking our email. She asked me what I wanted to do - what I never got to do - and that was my request! She was so excited. I think Diane thought I would want to go out on the town! :)
Thank you, Sonrise, for sending me and allowing me to grow professionally and spiritually as a children's pastor. I look forward to what my future holds in this area.

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