Saturday, May 22, 2010

Myah's First Giveaway!

I don't even know where to begin, and I'm trying to be really creative and catchy with this - but I can't. So, I'll just post it and see where it goes!

I've had a grand idea to do Giveways on my blog called "Myah's Favorite Things" - like Oprah's Favorite Things, you know?

My idea was for my first giveaway to be a Jesus Calling Devotional.

I heard they go on the $5 table on occasion at Family Christian Bookstore. My plan was to snatch up a few at that time. Well, I went on a lunch date with an awesome friend this morning, Heidi, and she gave me one! But, I already have one. :( So, rather than regifting it, I thought, "YAY!! My first giveaway!"

So, this is what I need from you - if you want it!

Please post a comment and describe to me WHY you want/need it. Or, you may want to give it to someone.

The opportunity will end on Saturday, June 3.

I will deliver it to the most inspiring story.


  1. I asked you right away what you were quoting from, after you got this devotional. According to what you are quoting, this book puts the "Word" into layman's terms, which is what I love. I have devotional books, but this one sounds so different and relays to our life today in such eloquent ways. That is what I am interested in. To get up in the morning, and read the devotion, that will relate to what I may encounter today, and to share His word from this book, with who I am seeing on this day. I am not seeking a free book from you, but just wanted to share with you that I am encouraged by your interest and joy in the book.
    Love you,

  2. Well, my story isn't very inspiring, but I want a shot at that devotional! I have been chatting with myself about seeking out the Holy Spirit and really listening. I have challenged myself to follow through with whatever I hear from God, even if it's not what I really had in mind. So, when you mentioned the devotional Jesus Calling, it made me think about my intent to call on Him more and really listen to Him. love you,ty

  3. Ty, I LOVE your post!!! Pray, challenge yourself and especially listen to God. But above all, follow through with what He is speaking to you about. I always tell my kids that it is not about your timing, and what you want, but it about His timing. It is not about us at all. So, figure that out now. Reshma is the perfect example right now of God's extreme gifts and His timing. Derek and Beth have waited for over 4 years for this wonderful gift of this beautiful heavenly daughter. She was never known a foster home, she has only known an orphanage. Thank you God!!!! You are a GREAT God!!! Love you, Ty!!!

  4. I don't have an inspiring story today.... and I already have the book.... I just wanted you to know that I AM reading today and I WILL look forward to your next giveaway!!!!!!!! :)


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