Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This Morning

I woke up this morning "in a funk". You know, the - How am I going to get through today? kind of funk. I hate that feeling! I even cancelled a playdate because I felt so yucky.

So - I texted Josh, "I am in a funk!" He writes back, "I love you. Go to the library?"

I don't know about you, but the library with 3 little kids on a rainy day just doesn't sound too fun to me. Plus, Ian has a snotty nose and diahrea. I had a pounding headache and sore throat!

I did my usual - cry out to God to fill me up with HIS love, strength, and patience.

After an hour or so - I started to feel better! The kids were happy, and I thought to myself. "What to do now?"

So - I decided to put on a Laurie Berkner Band DVD, let the kids tear all the cushions off the couches, invite the neighbor over and have a DANCE PARTY!

I threw on my apron, made a pot of vegetable soup, baked some cookies, let the kids eat candy and tear apart the house! :D

NOW - the house is a mess, it smells awesome... and we're all HAPPY! :D


  1. Glad you ended up having a good day!

  2. Oh I love this (especially the part when you put on your apron)!


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