Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You all...

are awesome! Really. I will continually thank you all for the encouragement. It keeps me going!

Here's the deal:

My sweet, precious Sophie has recently started... hmm... how do I say this politely? Sass talking me.

For example: "what? geez! but Mom?! I know! You did that on purpose!"

and SCREAMING at her sister!

So - I met with my handy dandy mentor & Josh, and we have implemented a new policy.

It's not allowed period. She simply seeing what's allowed, right?

She's pushing, pushing, pushing. I'm TRYING to remain non-emotional, firm, consistent, green light (way to go!) yellow light (calm down!) red light (time out!) - I'll post that one soon!

On top of training Sophie - Halle is doing WHO KNOWS WHAT? ha!! - and Ian is doing WHO KNOWS WHAT!? ha! :D

But - they are each watching me train Sophie, right? So I won't have to train them separately? We'll see.

So, there you have it. I'm spent.

Raising children of character, ones that I am proud to present to the world, really is the hardest job out there.


  1. Erin & The BoysMay 22, 2010 at 4:34 AM

    I think it is their age... Krue started talking back the past couple of months. I think I have nipped it. Now all I have to do is give him "the look" and it stops him in his tracks. He knows I don't tolerate it at all.

  2. Remember.... it's not your job to present them to the world.... it's your job to present them to the Lord.... and HE created us.... HE knows we are but dust.... and HE doesn't expect perfection!!! Hang in there, friend! You're doing awesome.... EVEN WHEN your OTHER girl falls in the lake.... Love ya! :)


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