Friday, August 20, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Portrait of Halle taken by Halle.

This week ALL eyes were on ME.
Not because I wanted them to be, but I was sick with strep throat.
I don't go to the doc very often - but I know when I need to go! If fact, they had to find my file in storage and brush off the dust - they said. Well, I think I added "brush off the dust" for extra drama!
Anyway, I am SO THANKFUL for my village who stepped up around us and took care of me.
1. My Mother in law watched Halle and Ian so I could see the doctor on Tuesday morning.
2. My Mom took all 3 kids on Tuesday night - while Josh worked late - so I could rest.
3. My friend, Heidi, took Halle on Wednesday afternoon so I could sleep when Ian did.
4. I've had numerous texts, phone calls and other offers - "How can we help? Can I bring a meal? Watch your kids?" I am so thankful for that!
5. I'm soooo thankful for the Z-Pack! This is Day 4, and I'm feeling GOOD!! Strep Throat STINKS!!
Bonus: The kids are healthy!! I had them tested, and they're clear!
God, I'm thankful for a quick healing. It really stinks being sick - especially with 3 children. I am so thankful for the amazing friends and family You've given me. I am blessed, and I know it! I look forward to giving back - the way they've given to me this week. I love You, and THANK YOU for all You have blessed us with. Amen.

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  1. Erin & The BoysAugust 22, 2010 at 7:34 PM

    Happy to hear you are feeling better! Nothing is worse than when the Momma is sick.


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