Monday, September 27, 2010

Halle's first day of Pre-K

Well, here I am just about a month later writing about Halle's first day of Pre-K.

Ian is saying, "Cheeeeeeese!"

At the beginning of September, 2010, Halle started her final year of preschool before she will enter into Kindergarten next year.  She was excited and ready to go!

She has had a great first month.  Over the summer, she started to read some.  She knows all of her sounds (mostly 100% of the time) and is beginning to read some simple words - words without "rule breakers"!   For example:  cat, mat, jig and so on.

Halle is still quite the character and says silly, ridiculous things often.  She is a bit "quirky" as we describe it, but very smart and creative.

Halle is a joy in our lives and filled with so much love.

I think we'll keep her around - although some days, I tell her that we may sell her to the zoo.  

"We'll come and visit you on the weekends!"  I say.

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