Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm already thinking about Christmas

I already trying to wrap my mind around the fact that Christmas in just a few months away! I'm thinking about the budget, giving with a purpose, not just buying a bunch of stuff, not going into debt, blessing others, and trying to MAKE as much as possible or support another person who MAKES items. When I say MAKE - I'm talking about baking, cooking, crafting, sewing, photography, etc. I'm thinking about being green and frugal and being a wise steward of our resources. My mind will remain focused on Jesus and NOT the overwhelming pressures that come with the holiday season. I say this every year, and once again - I'm ready and excited to take on the challenge.

So, Today - I am shredding and freezing zucchini. I plan to make mini loaves of zucchini bread to give as gifts. I have an amazing recipe that I made few weeks ago, and we ate the whole loaf in less than a day! I'm not kidding. My belly hurt! So, I trust that it will make a great gift!! If you've never stored zucchini, here is a mini lesson for you! I will also include the recipe that is St. John approved - even kid approved!

I bought a handful of locally grown zucchini at a farm stand. I've also stored some from my Dad's organic farm. All you do is wash it, cut off the ends and then shred it. Store 2 cups in a freezer zipper bag - because most recipes call for 2 cups of shredded zucchini.

Label the bag, toss it in your freezer and leave it there until December! When you thaw it out, be sure to drain out any water before tossing it into your batter! You'll be so excited to have summer grown fresh zucchini on hand.

You may have your own, but here is the recipe I use.

What are some of your Homemade Christmas gift ideas?


  1. Yummo! I've shared my favorite zucchini bread recipe with you.... I think we both found good ones! Have you found that the zucchini shrinks during freezing? Because of the amount of liquid I always drain out, I usually freeze 3 c. fresh for a 2 c. recipe.

  2. Deanna, that makes sense and is a great idea! Thank you!!


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