Thursday, October 7, 2010


Tonight, my eyes filled with tears as Sophie read a pretty challenging picture book to all of us at bedtime.  My eyes filled with tears because I was filled with joy.  Because really - it's amazing how they get to this point.

I thought I'd share my journey of questions with you - just in case you're parenting a little one who isn't there yet - because I wish someone would have shared this with me.

Disclaimer:  As I write this, I realize that not all children fall into this "typical" category.  Sophie is a very typical child - and I'm describing a typical scenario - knowing that there are always exceptions to this rule.  :)

I remember a few years ago, I asked a friend - "How do we teach our kids to read?"

Now, I am a TEACHER - and I'm asking this question.  I taught 1st grade for 3 years (out of the 6 total) so you'd think if anyone would know how to teach her child to read it would be me.

Well, even I questioned myself. For some reason, it just feels different when it's your own child.  Maybe the pressure is on?  I don't know.

At that point, I think I went out and bought a set of Bob Books, we continued reading as a family a lot, we have always had tons of books around the house, and we worked regularly with letters and sounds.

So, here we are in the 1st grade and she is exploding in her reading.  In Kindergarten, she was reading - but choppy and still sounding out a lot.  In first grade, she is becoming more fluent, and she reads beyond her grade level.  Nothing incredible I did.  They just learn to read - with lots of exposure.

Now, we are where we are, and I'm asking myself - "What did we even do?  How did we get to this point?"

These are some of the thoughts coming to me.

Don't over complicate it.  Keep it simple.  Stop worrying.

Here it is:  Just keep reading with your child.

That's it.

Have books laying around the house.  Work with sounds and letters.  Take them to story times.

It's amazing how those little brains work.

I believe birth to 6 are such special years.  They are little sponges and so teachable.  I love moments when  - all of a sudden - something clicks!

I love being a Mom for many reasons, but in moments like these - I think to myself, "ahhhh.... I'm thankful.  This is cool."

And - Sophie thinks she's pretty cool too, as she's reading.  :)

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  1. It is so much fun when she reads! And Halle is doing some reading, too! You should feel very proud!

    Love you,


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