Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Give Water!

Consider giving the gift of clean, safe drinking water this Christmas!

Do you want to bless others - other than your family?

Visit Charity Water to learn more about the stats and different projects going on.

You can watch a video here.

Charity Water is my charity of choice this Christmas.

I have purchased 4 really cool looking reusable water bottles and plan to attach a note with some cute ribbon that says, "Please accept this water bottle and a sign of hope... (I need to firm up my wording) $10 has been donated in your name at charitywater.org  peace & love, The St. John Family"  I have 4  - so $40 will give 2 people clean water for 20 years!

What a neat gift alternative for someone who already has it ALL! 

Do some research and see if it touches your heart like it has ours.

Baby Steps... Maybe buy $60 less in unnecessary "stuff" that will simply clutter our home - and give 3 people clean drinking water for 20 years.

$20 can give one person clean water for 20 years.


  1. Hoorah! We LOVE Charity Water, and it has been one of our charities of choice for the past three years of the Advent Conspiracy!!! :) Have you seen the button that I've always had on my blog that you can add at the top of your page if you want??

  2. Ooh, I just saw the baby bottle button that you already added!!!


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