Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Grandma Mary turned 98!

In September, my Grandma Mary turned 98.  She was born in1912!  

We celebrated with her special day with family.

I spoke with my Aunt today to see what my Grandma "needed" for Christmas.  What does a 98 year old woman need?  I don't want to give her more "stuff".  So, we decided that what she enjoys most is spending TIME with us!  So, we have set a date near Christmas when the kids and I will go over to her home for a brunch.  I am also going to have the girls paint canvases for her!  They're really good at that.  :)

What an amazing woman and what an amazing life she has lived.  Currently, she has no major health problems - just hearing loss and she can't speak very well anymore.  Just expected stuff at this point in her life.

Here's to hoping she makes it to 100!

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  1. Aaawww! I love Grandma Mary. I have very fond memories of her giving me cherry tomatoes every summer, and now Aunt Karen brings them to me when she sees me at Mom's house. I love you guys, ty


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