Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I like this...

Christmas isn’t about perfection. It’s celebrating the One who saved us from our impossible need to be perfect.

taken from Simple Mom 

This touched my heart today - as I'm trying to juggle 3 kids' birthdays and Christmas all within 3 weeks...

I'm making lists, checking them twice, making more lists, trying not to forget anything, planning what food needs to be made for different gatherings, getting the house reading for hosting and parties, trying to make each birthday special for everyone (as it surrounds Christmas)...  the greatest birthday ever!

The pressure is on right now (for me) at our house.  I feel like it's a game of Survivor.

Did I remember everything?

But - I really liked the part of Simple Mom's post that read something like - it's not about what we forgot.  We'll never remember what we forgot.  We'll remember what we remembered!  And... I'm sure we remembered ENOUGH!  Ok, maybe those were my own words - but you get the point.


It's ok.

"In the middle of Christmas festivities, step back and observe every detail of a particular moment, and be aware of God's presence.  Etch that moment in your heart... when your kids grow up, it will become one of your most treasured gifts."  
taken my my MOPS Mentor Mom.

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  1. The other day at MOPS when Scott said something about the fact that it's not our jobs to make Christmas great because that is God's job and HE already did, I felt like it was a breath of fresh air and just for me! Loved this post.... great reminders....


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