Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Raising a family...

for some reason, tonight was a little more comical than usual, so I thought I'd write.

I was in the kitchen (working) and I hadn't heard Ian in a while...  bad.

So, I walked into our living room (where the Christmas tree is) and Ian had pushed a little rocking chair over to the tree and was pulling off each ornament - one by one - and was soooo proud!  There was a nice pile on the floor.

Next, he somehow got into the refrigerator and by the time I caught him he had apple juice in one hand and ground beef in the other.

Then at bathtime (they were all 3 in there together), Ian decided to pee on the girls.  Well, I'm pretty certain he didn't "decide" to pee on them, since he probably doesn't have much control over that yet...

But, they thought it was HILARIOUS and were encouraging him to keep doing it!  Josh was totally disgusted (I was surprised Josh was so disgusted) so can you just hear what our house sounded like at that point??!!

All 3 kids were cracking up, Josh was yelling, "Ian NO!", I was saying, "Really, you care??"  (you're a man... don't you think it's cool?)

Finally, all 3 little angels were in bed and Josh and I headed downstairs to finish cleaning up the house.  I walked into our "School Room" and the table was covered in crafting materials, Christmas cards the kids are making, homemade snowflakes, crayons, markers, stickers, yarn... you name it!

I looked at Josh through my tired eyes and asked, "What have I done?"

He responds, "We're raising a family."

He's right.  We're raising a family, yes, we're raising a family.

Thank you, Josh, for the reminder.

I love you.

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