Thursday, January 20, 2011

There's a Candy Thief in our house...

 The other day, Ian was missing and quiet for a few minutes (that's always bad) - and when I finally found him, his mouth was full of candy.  

My jaw dropped open and I scratched my head in confusion thinking, "Where did he get that?"  

I asked him to show me, and he politely led me up the stairs into my bedroom.  

I found a princess stool positioned perfectly in from of our dresser, and he gracefully climbed up and showed me the Gingerbread House he had discovered (that was waiting on my dresser to be thrown away) and all the stale candy he was enjoying.

Oh, Ian...

I was impressed, let him enjoy a few more nibbles and made sure to snap some pictures.

Really, these are priceless moments that I don't ever want to forget - that's why I keep my camera close by at all times.


  1. He is so funny!!! And so innocent to show you everything!


  2. He is so darn cute!!!!!!



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