Thursday, February 24, 2011

my baby boy turned 2...

this little buddy - Ian Joshua - turned 2 on January 18, 2011.

Over a month later, I'm announcing it!

I love this little man so much and - really - can't even put words on it.  He is the most precious little boy ever, really!  ;)  He loves me more than anything on this earth.  Well, he may love candy more than me - but I really don't think so.  He is still on my hip a lot of the day, but he's playing a lot more with the girls and on his own.  It's nice!

My heart goes through different feelings as my baby is flying past his second birthday.  I said to Josh, "Oh come on... just 1 more!?"  Josh said, "No."  I love that we have 3 children, and I love the freedom we're starting to feel.  But, I love the whole experience of being pregnant and delivering a baby.  It's truly miraculous and such a spiritual adventure for me.  THAT, I want again - but starting all over - I'm not so sure.  Only God will decide - just like with the other 3.

Anyway, we're thankful to have Ian in our house.  He is often the "baby" in the girls' pretend play.  He does not use a paci, but he had one in this moment of "house".

He is absolutely spoiled by Halle.  They are so close!  Seriously, the girls provide nearly 50% of his care!  They read to him when I'm unavailable, get him a drink, assist him in various ways, and I've just started training Sophie to change his diaper.

A lot of days, he's helping in the kitchen, wearing a hair bow and a flower pinned on him because of his adoring sisters.  He loves helping in the kitchen!  In fact, a lot of fits are thrown because I won't let him stir boiling water.

This family is full and good.  We are blessed and flying through life.  I'm trying to capture it as fast as I can.

Has anyone found the pause button yet?

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