Monday, February 28, 2011

Ian's first haircut...

 at the age of 2, Ian finally got his first haircut!
He sat in the chair and didn't move or say a word.  He was perfect.
(why won't he act like that when I brush his teeth?!)
He had his sisters by his side rubbing his cheeks, talking him through it and holding his hands.
He's so spoiled.
I stood back, disappeared and smiled -
thanks to my Mom who went along and took the pictures!

All done!  

And - yes, he wore a superhero cape!

In fact, he wore it the entire day, took his nap in it, got a hair cut and slept in it that night!

I was finally able to convince him to take it off in the morning.

Oh, how I love him - the superhero cape and all.

And his big boy haircut is SO ADORABLE!

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