Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Uh Oh...

I'm just being real with you all (and being real with myself) and letting you know that I really don't think I will get to Week 4 of Project Simplify this week.

We are packing up and heading out, and I'm focusing on making this an incredible road trip and vacation.

I've had a CRAZY week and on Monday evening, I was on the verge of a melt down.  I wanted to sit in a corner with my head between my knees and just cry.  Ever have one of those days?!  Maybe I will tell you all about it later.  But, I'm doing better and excited for our vacation!

So, this is what I MAY be able to do.  I really do want to make sure we are eating up the food that needs to be eaten before we leave, and I need to focus on what we can take with us.  It's very possible that I could get to the fridge.  So, I think that's it!  The pantry will wait.  I'll do it when we get back.  :)  This also means that I'll be in FL for the final week!  Looks like I'll do that project with the pantry. 

How are you doing this week?!  Any meltdowns?  :)

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