Thursday, May 26, 2011

He wipes off my kisses

Here is another fun picture of my little man kissing me.
This photo booth session with Ian was so much fun.  I got the softest most precious kisses from Ian.  He loved it.  In fact, he threw a fit when I said we were done.  He kept saying, "One more."  Well, he doesn't really understand numbers yet because he kept screaming for more - even after "one more".

For the past few months, Ian's thing is wiping off kisses that anyone gives him.  It cracks him up, and he starts belly laughing.  He remembers to do it at all times - even when I have forgotten all about it.  When I'm rocking him at night, I'll kiss his forehead a bunch, and he will reach up and wipe his head.  If I'm changing his diaper or playing with him, I'll kiss his belly.  He'll wipe it off.

He is such a doll baby - a precious, precious little boy.

I'm loving it as Ian grows each day.  Of course, the time is flying away and that makes me a bit teary - but, he is so much fun right now.  He's talking so much, communicating well, beginning to understand life, impacted by consequences, learning, growing, healthy, happy and so snuggly.  Most of his frustrations come from wanting what others (mostly his sisters) have.  He is a really bad sharer.  I thought the 3rd child would be a really great sharer.  So, we're working on being fair and loving whether Ian throws a fit of not.  Ian, we're not afraid of your fits!  :) 

He is still very attached to me, and he loves spending time with others as well.  He still spends a lot of time being held and rocked by me, and he gets rocked and held by others too.  We all enjoy it.  It's reaching the point in our family when others are beginning to wonder, "Is this our last baby?"  We have always said that Ian is "our icing on our cake" and 3 feels good.

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  1. Sweet post. I like that you're not afraid of Ian's fits! Good parenting there.

    Also icing on the cake is a perfect description, if you ever decide to add ice-cream that will be perfect too. :D


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