Friday, May 27, 2011

Josh and I had a wonderful conversation concerning the details below.  I am thrilled to have a husband who listens to me and also challenges me to see things in a different way.  My husband is in educational administration and works in the middle school our children will attend!  So... the details of my heart (at the moment) are definitely a twist in the plan!  :)  However, Josh is incredibly open to new ideas but also challenges my thoughts.  I love that about him.

We are beyond blessed to have so many WONDERFUL options.  Josh mentioned - he believes this is on my heart because I am a professional mother trying to do the right thing - because I want to do the right thing for our children - whatever that may be.  I'm considering it all!  Does that make sense?  

I believe that we will do the right thing - public, private, home - or a combination of it all.

My final thoughts - and I believe this with all of my heart:

by Myah St. John

One person cannot fill in all of the gaps - a public teacher, a private teacher, a parent.  It takes a team.  Ultimately, a child's education - academically, morally, spiritually - is the responsibility of the parents.  As parents, we must create a team of people to join us on this task we've been called to do.  Each of our teams may look different - depending on the needs and desires of each individual home.  What a challenge, honor and privilege to raise up these children so that one day we will release them into the world and say, "Go!  Go make the world a more beautiful place and glorify God!"

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