Monday, June 20, 2011

A fiercely devoted father

On Father's Day morning, I was upstairs getting ready for church, and I noticed Josh, Halle and Ian outside working on our potato box.  Josh was being so patient letting each child have a turn with the electric screw driver.  Halle was still in her pajamas, and Ian was 1/2 way dressed in his pajamas - pretty typical around here. I quickly ran to grab my camera and positioned the lens through a hole in Halle's bedroom screen.
Josh is so patient with our children.  He is a wonderful example of patience for me.
After church, we came home and prepared for a Father's Day Supper at our home.  We invited my Dad and Josh's Dad to join us - and of course, their wives too.  Josh, Grandpa Dave (Josh's Dad) and Ian gathered wood and built a fire.
The Dads and the children enjoyed a game of kickball in the field.
Josh is a teacher, an encourager, a lover and a comforter to his children.
Josh is a wonderful example to his children and me.

Josh is not just a Father.  He's a fiercely devoted Father!

He inspires me to be a better Mother.  He's strong where I am weak.  He picks me up when I fall down, and he intervenes when I need an intervention.

We're a good team.

My prayer is that our daughters will marry a man like him someday and our son will be a man like him someday.

Happy Father's Day, Josh!  You really do inspire me.

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