Friday, June 3, 2011

Mom's Day at Preschool

In May, Halle and I enjoyed some time together at Mom's Day at her preschool.

She made me a vase of flowers and painted a canvas for me that are now - both - beautifully displayed in our home.

I just love this special, one on one time with my children...

and I love Sonrise Preschool - the spiritual and academic development they've experienced there is incredible.  Really, the spiritual development has been phenomenal - and for that, I've forever grateful.  What more could we ask for?  (but my girls are academic too - so that's an added bonus!)

Even if I homeschool my children someday, the little ones will continue attending Sonrise Preschool  :)  for some time away and time that I will be intentional with the older ones.

Thank you, Lord, for this school, this church and for it's leadership and teachers.  We will always hold Sonrise Preschool close to our hearts.

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