Saturday, July 9, 2011

Continually Refined

I've written a lot about how Mothering has transformed me.  It has stretched me to some pretty challenging - yet joyous - places that I am forever grateful for.  I bumped into this during some reading time today.  

"When you are "in the fire," it is sometimes hard to recognize the value of what you are learning.  But the day-by-day refining process, the problem solving, crisis resolution, mental stretching, mess clean-ups, sleep deprivation, and loving more than you ever thought possible truly makes you into a smart, aware, beautifully refined individual.  The great secret is appreciating the person you are becoming through your trials."  Linda Eyre

I look forward to tomorrow and the next day and the next.  I look forward to pressing on in my profession - Mothering - and growing more and more each day.

I absolutely love being a Mother, and I am grateful for the growth I've experienced (and will continue to experience) on my Mothering journey.

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