Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Do you ever feel exhausted as a Mother?

I do.

Some days, I feel so energized and joyful!  Some days, I feel flat out exhausted.  Actually, some days I feel like a grump.

Those aren't my proudest days.

The past few days have been tough - for some reason.

Maybe it's because:

::  my husband has a big job.
::  my husband is in a PhD program.
::  my Mom (a huge help to us!) has been sick.  :(
::  my in-laws (a huge help to us!) have been sick.  :(
::  I've had a headache for several days - allergies?!
::  I am in week 5 of homeschooling for the first year.
::  I have a 2 year old.
::  siblings push each others' buttons.
::  negotiations are taking place.
::  I am engaging too much in negotiations.
::  remaining calm is exhausting.
::  parenting with intention is hard.

I'm sure the list looks different for each of us.

Whatever it is - it is what it is.  I will focus on what I can change and surrender what I can't.

Mothering is simply hard and exhausting - and joyful and fulfilling.

This is what I'm telling myself:

::  choose your attitude.
::  just smile.
::  choose a memory verse that inspires you and focus on that.
::  turn your fears into prayers.
::  surround yourself with people who inspire and encourage you.
::  surround yourself with friends who will listen to you, hug you, and pray for you.

And most importantly, I'm telling myself - these 3 children I have are not little adults.  So, why should they act like adults?  If they acted like adults, why would they need me?

This gig is hard - hard, hard, hard.

I will do my best to choose joy, remain calm and confident when I feel like yelling, pray, love, and parent with lots and lots of grace.

May the love of God be with you (and me!) today and always.  :)  I sure do need HIM!


  1. I don't even know how I am following you....maybe you are from Fort Wayne Homeschool group? Regardless, thank you for this post today. I really was needing encouragement this morning.

    In the moment I can forget that I have the ability to choose how I am going to respond to the hard things. :)

  2. Feeling good and can't wait to spend time with the kids tomorrow night! :)
    Love you,


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