Thursday, October 6, 2011

If you give a child a pile of wood...

(plus permission to play with it!)  he'll go to town!

We had a tree cut down in our backyard and we asked for them to leave the wood.
Oh my goodness - our children enjoyed hours of playtime with all of the wood.
On one particular evening, the neighbor kids joined in on the fun and several children got busy constructing a log cabin - totally Little House on the Prairie!
It was incredible.
 They dropped their bikes to the side.  They grabbed a wagon, hauled wood around, positioned tables, blankets, pillows, built and selected their bedrooms and simply role played.  Josh and I sat on the couch- inside the house - so we wouldn't interfere with their creativity.  It was awesome to watch.
 The boys hauled wood and built, and the girls designed the rooms and decorated.
They arranged pillows, blankets, stuffed animals and plants all around.
 It was so cool seeing the kids work together on this.
Tada!  Welcome to our log home!
And when they were done, they ran and rolled down the hill!  
Man, it doesn't take much to make kids happy - does it?!
Cheers to simplicity!

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