Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And the winner is...


Holly was chosen by using the true random number generator.

I absolutely loved reading all of your thankful comments - thank you!

Holly said,
"I am INCREDIBLY thankful that I can still call you my best friend--no matter how far away or how few times we get to talk. Additionally, I am thankful that you are letting me spend some time with a very special little girl this coming weekend ;)"

I'm so happy for Holly, but I'm such a softie - and I'm sad for the rest of you.  So, here's what you get!

Margy has allowed me to sell her cookbook  Farm to Fork the Margy way through Mission Minded Mothering for $20.


After that, it will go up to $27.95

It's currently listed on Amazon for $25 with free shipping. 

So... if you are local or close to me - get it from me for $20 and we'll arrange for pick up.

If you are not close to me - Amazon is the best bet for you because I'd have to charge you $5 for shipping anyway. 

Make sense?

But, the Amazon deal is only running through December 23 also, so act fast if you want a discount!

Margy has a few book signings coming up in the Fort Wayne area!

At her book signings, she will be selling the books for $25 and only on this blog for $20!

Margy will be signing...

Friday Dec 2nd at Castle Gallery 5:00-10:00pm (by the way there is no charge this year)

The other 4 signings are at Anne Hallmark Locations as follows: 

•         Saturday Dec 3rd-Dupont (by Krogers) 9:00am-noon
•         Saturday Dec 3rd-St Joe 1:00-4:00pm
•         Saturday Dec 3rd-Northcrest 5:00-8:00pm
•         Sunday Dec 4th-Apple Glen 12:00-3:00pm

Leave a comment here or email me at missionmindedmothering (at) if you'd like to purchase a book!

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