Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halle's Reading and Writing

Seriously, this is just about as special to me as my children smiling for the first time or rolling over.  Probably because when she started to take off, I was the first one to see it.    This will no doubt be one of the most special things that I take away from this school year - I love that I've been able to experience the "take off" with her as her Kindergarten teacher!  I witness the joy in her face when she brings these writing pieces to me.  Her face lights up with, "Oh my gosh, I can write!" 

She's like a little sponge - taking off - in awe of her own abilities.  I absolutely love it.

She is reading with so much stamina and writing up a storm.  She is sitting and sounding out full stories and getting her thoughts down on paper.  And - I can read it!  She is writing a few sentences at a time.  It's SO MUCH FUN.  I absolutely love teaching Halle.  She is a little girl who loves to learn and initiates a lot of learning on her own.

 Writing by Halle - 100% raw, independent and no editing!  :)

Ok, here's 1 of her adorable pieces to get started...

This was written for a little friend in her gym class.

It says, "From Halle.  I want a playdate.  Maybe Sophie can play with us.  I love you.  The End.  Happily ever after."

The picture is a little house with people in the windows.  She labeled the people - Ian and Sophie.  So, I guess she wants Ian to play too!  :)

Stay tuned for more!

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