Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Wednesday Blessing...


One of my biggest concerns with taking on homeschooling was that I would not have a breather - a time to run some errands alone, stabilize the house or just sit and BE.  You may think I'm a total extrovert, but I'm not.  I recharge ALONE!  I love being alone - no talking - just doing whatever I want to do.  In fact, if I have a free block of time, I will often choose to be alone rather than schedule something.  I love peace and quiet.

So... you can see why homeschooling would concern me.  I'm never alone!  :)  It's not quiet for long periods of time!  As I shared this concern with my Mom, she stepped up (of course!).  Josh has class on Mondays and Wednesdays this semester, so I asked her if she'd like Wednesday nights with the kids.  I thought to myself - Wednesdays would be a wonderful mid-week break for me to do whatever I needed to do to stabilize for the rest of the week.  Of course, she agreed to bless me with Wednesday nights alone.  She is seriously an angel in my life.  She inspires me to be a blessing to my children!  I really don't think I'd be the wife and mother that I am without her in my life.  I really mean that.  :)  She blesses us over and over again and keeps asking for more.

I soooo look forward to Wednesday nights - I do whatever I want to do!

Sometimes, this is what I like to do when no one is here.  If I want, I can sit at the table with a glass of wine and sushi, write and catch up on all my favorite reading!  The house is quiet.  All the noise will be back soon - and for that I'm grateful.  But for now, it's just me - and for that I'm grateful!

I love you, Mom, and for you - I'm grateful!  xoxoxoxo


  1. WOW... I love you and am so grateful to God for you, Myah, and my grandkids!!!

  2. Love this! Makes me feel good to know you are getting "alone time" because I know how important it is to me and most moms. Love the pic with the wine and sushi... yum! Your mom is an amazing mother and grandmother... Love both you and Linda!


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