Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So stinking cute...

I think it's so stinking cute that my boy loves trucks, diggers and tractors.  He loves dirt.  He loves keys, calculators, screw drivers and tape measures.  He loves to work.

I think it's so stinking cute that Sophie brings a baby doll to the table at each meal - in a high chair - to feed her with the family.  She straps her in the car when we go places, and she starts to panic when she can't find her during the day.  She is so motherly and a leader.

I think it's so stinking cute that Halle just about passed out when we went to see my father in law at the hospital today.  She started getting dizzy and then got all sweaty and white.  She is such a lover.  She is so sensitive.  She lives in the moment.  She loves life.  She loves people.  She is such a snuggler and is so sensitive.  As we were praying for Grandpa tonight, she thought this candle would be perfect in the middle of our fall arrangement. 

Then, several minutes later - she was doing this.  She picked up the flame and kissed Jesus.

I think it's so stinking cute that my kids play with each other all day long - and stay engaged with each other all day long.  For sure, there are moments (or lots of moments!) of disagreement, but for the most part - they get along so well.  I do my best to view every disagreement as an "opportunity to practice" love, kindness and patience.  The 2 girls live in Fantasy Land most of the day and the little boy follows along as their baby.

I love my kids.

I love being a Mother.

There are moments when I want to run.  There are moments that I'm all smiles. There are moments that are easier than others.  There are moments when I'm patting myself on the back.  There are moments when I'm beating myself up.  But through them all...

I think it's so stinking awesome that I have been stretched and challenged and inspired by my children!

I LOVE that God chose me to be a Mother!


  1. Your words and pictures are beautiful!!!
    Love you,

  2. Your words and pictures are beautiful!
    Love you,Mom

  3. Isn't it amazing how different their interests are! Even with 2 older sisters, he can't stay away from boy things:)


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