Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday, Halle!

Dear Halle,
Happy 6th Birhtday, baby girl!  I really can't believe you are 6.  I remember when you were born.  You were so beautiful - you still are!

You were the best.baby.ever!  You rarely cried just to cry.  You were so easy to console and you were so calm.  And then... you turned 1 - and you went crazy!  You never stopped moving and you were on the go!  And now are 6... you are still very active!  You are very healthy and strong.  You never stop moving (unless you are watching a really good movie or sleeping!), and you are often found jumping on furniture or doing cartwheels.  You are a sleeping beauty and like to sleep in - you'll usually sleep from 9pm-9am.

You are so beautiful.  You are so generous.  You are so silly and kind of quirky.  You say the most random things and do really silly things.  You are different than the other 2.  It's a good thing, and we love your silly side!

You love your family.  You love macaroni and cheese.  You are best friends with your big sister and such a lover and helper with your baby brother.  You are so helpful and kind.  You have the most beautiful face.  I love your hair, lips and ears.  You love animals and nature.  You are such a lover.

You love to do cartwheels, and you are super good at them!  You often say, "I should be on America's Got Talent!"  :)
I could go on and on about how much I love you, Halle.  You add so much spark to our life.  We often say, "When we are down... Halle is the person in our family that will make us smile and bring us joy!"

Your spirit is incredible and unique.

You are sensitive, beautiful and a lover of Christ.  You are generous and kind.

As I put you to bed tonight, I asked you, "What was the best part of your day?"  You started to list a few presents that you received.  And then, you paused - and you said, "It was the party and it is now."  You moved from the stuff to the time spent in relationships and moments.  

And as you drifted off to sleep tonight, you asked, "Can my birthday start all over tomorrow?"

You are amazing.


Happy 6th birthday, Halle Lin!

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