Sunday, March 11, 2012

Project Simplify - Week 1 - Sophie's Room!

I am participating in Simple Mom's annual Project Simplify - running March 5-30.  For week 1, we were asked to focus on kids' stuff.  We chose Sophie's Room.

I shared the project idea with Sophie, and I suggested we focus on her room.  She got excited and felt ownership and loved it!  We pulled everything out, dumped drawers, dumped baskets, cleaned under the bed, etc.

We only put back what she absolutely loved.  We tossed some, relocated some, and put lots of stuff in our garage sale stash for the end of April.

Meet Sophie!

Book Shelf - BEFORE:

Vanity:  BEFORE

This is the pile of stuff we tossed.  I'm so happy I convinced her to throw away that poster!  I think he's a very talented young man, but I'm just not cool with posters of boys hanging in her room.  :)

This is all the stuff that relocated into our basement toy room and stuff we gathered to sell.

Vanity:  AFTER

Bookcase:  AFTER

A few things that save me from panic:  
1.  The green basket on the left side of the bookcase is for "Sophie's Treasures" - little things that drive me nuts, but are beautiful to her!  
2.  The black box in the bookcase is for letters, cards, notes and pictures that are special to her.
3.  The plastic drawers are for themed items she loves - fairies, crafting, nail salon, and letter writing.


Dresser Area

Sophie's bedroom is pretty much self-decorated!  All the little touches are totally from her.  She loves her bedroom!  I try very hard to respect her space - while teaching her to keep it clean and organized - and allow her "treasures" to remain even it they aren't very beautiful to me.  :)  

Now, off to the pantry and fridge for week 2!  

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  1. Love it!!! I am jealous that I can't participate this year...well, I am in a way, but everything we keep goes in moving boxes. Love
    the nail polish shelf!


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