Friday, April 13, 2012

Dear Children...

Last evening, Josh rolled in around 8:30pm after working a 13 hour day - that's the norm about 3 days a week.

We were all sitting at the kitchen table, chatting about our days.

Josh started going through the mail.  On that particular day, we were pretty loaded down with bills.  Our zoo membership needs renewed, car insurance is due, Sophie's medical bills from her arm fiasco are rolling in, tennis lessons for the girls, gymnastics for Halle, summer church camp for Sophie, college savings, etc.

Josh opened up the kids' College Choice envelope and was announcing to each child how much we have saved for them.

There stood a father who was tired from a 13 hour day.

With absolute humor...

He took the mail, slammed it down on the table, looked at them and announced, "If you all grow up and move away and you aren't wiping my butt when I'm old and senile - we've got a problem!"

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