Monday, July 30, 2012

Our Summer...

I feel like this has been such neglected space this summer.  

I believe that out of all the things I do as a Mother - this space remains towards the top of my to do list - so it will not go neglected for too long!  :)

We've spent so much time as a family this summer - so grateful for Josh's time off with us!  

I'll begin with May - bluegrass festivals and camping!

Our first stop was Kendallville.

We enjoyed sitting around and listening to all the bands, shopping and eating.

Ian is currently really into pockets knives and anything sharp!

We enjoyed a night camping in our backyard - just Josh and the girls.

Our next stop was the Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival in Brown County!

We enjoyed our time listening to amazing bands, eating, sitting around the camp site, strumming and singing along.

Josh enjoys teaching her how to play the guitar.

Sophie picked up a violin at a vendor and could immediately make a nice sound.  After we got home, she continued to ask for over a month to take violon lessons.  We agreed and signed her up.  She loves it and seems to be pretty solid.

One of Josh's goals for the summer was to expose our children to music - so they'd want to play it.  It worked! :)

Sophie wrote this note, and we all agree - bluegrass music rocks!

Our camp site.

This was the way we got all the air out of our equipment.  :)

We really enjoyed attending 2 bluegrass festivals this summer!

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