Thursday, October 25, 2012

Let's all share our Mother of the Year moments!

A recent FB post from a friend inspired me to share my finest Mother of the Year moment - as a way to encourage a friend and mother.  Which then led me to an idea!  I would like to invite you all in on the fun!

Let's get a little personal here and share our finest, shining moments as Mothers.  Can you sense the sarcasm here?

Things can get a little too serious here at Mission Minded Mothering - humbly mothering with our mission in mind.  The truth is - no matter what mission you have mapped out for your family, we're all human.  We get tired, worn out, exhausted and snap.  Things are not always a bed of roses with the mission being displayed at all times.  I mess up all the time.  My kids go wild.  I lose it.

I'll start.  Here's one of my finest shining moments as a Mother.  ;)

It was 7:30 one evening - about a year ago, and I was done, exhausted and had lost my mind. All 3 kids were going at it in the car and irritating the heck out of each other. Everyone was screaming and fighting. I tried for so long to be patient. Then - I lost it. I stopped the car, got out grabbed Halle by the shirt (Who was on her knees irritating someone behind her), pulled her down to her bottom and yelled, "Sit your a** down now!" I couldn't even believe that came out. It was a first for me. Everyone froze stared at me, all eyes big as quarters, and we all started bawling! :) I'll be looking for my nomination! :)

A little side note:  Here's how I followed up.  I drove home as we all cried.  We walked upstairs immediately to get ready for bed.  I took a moment with each child, apologized for what I said and asked for forgiveness.  I explained that we do not say words like that, and I really messed up.  They each hugged me and forgave me.  :)

Ok - Your turn!  Leave a comment and share one of your finest, shining moments as a Mother.  This will be fun!


  1. I so appreciate you sharing that. At least once a week I want to ask my Facebook friends to tell a story like that one! I have had moments like yours (coincidentally, also near the bedtime hour. -go figure ;). I can't think of a specific one (not for want of examples, but bc of my tired three am brain). Usually, though its a moment of yelling followed by a sincere apology. On my "better" days I escape to the bathroom, close the door, turn on the fan, hope the kids don't kill each other, count to ten and say a prayer. Also not shining mom moments (as my kids bang on the door and scream to get in to the bathroom)! My next moment I will share with u via email or FB... I feel I owe you a detailed description !

  2. Btw the way..Hartley is Stphanie Trax

  3. Hmm.... I'm going to have to go with the Sunday morning when momma was losing her mind trying to get the four kiddos dressed and out the door, and her sweet, darling 6 year old said, "MOM! Why are you always SO MEAN to us on Sundays?!!"

  4. Oh man, I could fill a book with moments like these. One thing I have discovered about myself is that when I get frustrated, I curse. Like a trucker. Ha! My worst moment was midweek and kids and I had stopped at the church so I could get a few last minute things finished up. We were in my office and they were just being awful, especially Henry. I got so annoyed I (quietly, in his face) said something to him about being a "God**** brat...etc.etc.". Yes, I said gd in a church. nice one. -Jen


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