Saturday, May 25, 2013

on preserving water...

It really gets to me - each unused glass of water I dump down the drain.

So... I keep this darling little pitcher right beside the kitchen sink.  I dump each unused glass of water in the pitcher instead of down the drain.  When the pitcher is full, I use it to water our gorgeous flowers on our front porch.  It's so easy.  I don't have to turn on a hose or a faucet.  It's my little rain catcher in the kitchen.

Just another way to be simple, resourceful and conserve!


  1. I also let cooking water cool and then water outdoor plants with that. In the summertime, I also use the tub water after my 4yo's bath to water outdoor plants.

    1. Yes!! I used cooking water too, but I've never tried the bath water. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. That is a very sweet picture and post! xo


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