Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A glimpse of our days...

We've had a really great start to the school year.  Last week (Wed-Fri) was what I like to call the honeymoon phase.  I love structure, so I was very happy to be getting back into the swing of things - after a beautiful summer.  This week was a little more difficult.  For me, there's a little funk that comes with back to school - even loving structure.

Monday was fine.  On Tuesday, I felt very heavy.  Almost like life was a mountain that I just couldn't climb.  I didn't sleep well on Sunday and Monday nights, so by Tuesday morning - I just felt heavy.  Very tired and overwhelmed.  I sunk down into my chair in my little happy place, where my bible and other favorite books are located, and I just felt too tired to take on the day.  So, I opened my bible and went straight to Psalms.  Psalms is medicine for me.  Psalms and my garden.

On Tuesday, my bad day, I admitted to the kids by 10:30 a.m. that my behavior was unacceptable.  I ordered everyone out to the garden.  Take off your shoes, everyone must be barefoot, and we're harvesting.  The sun shone down on our little souls, and I was healing.  The earth will do that to me.  Goodness, I love God and all He created and the medicine of it all.

There are a few phrases that continue to run through my mind as I face the days and walk through the moments that I just don't feel strong enough to climb.

:: I GET to do this.  I'm so grateful that I get to do this.
:: What a GIFT - this life, for me and my children.
:: SHELTER.  This word can be twisted into such a negative, but what a beautiful gift this is to our children.  Sheltering for as long as we can.  They have a lot of nasty to look forward to in life.  Let's shelter for as long as we can.

Oh Lord, I love You and the Holy Spirit and Your word that breathes life and phrases into my soul and mind when I'm feeling too heavy to walk another step.  I pray that You would whisper into the hearts of all the mothers out there who are feeling too heavy to face the day.  Remind them that it's a gift to mother.  What a gift.

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