Thursday, April 20, 2006

Happy Easter 2006

We had an AWESOME Easter! On Saturday, we went to my Aunt Patti's (my mom's sister) for a celebration. We had great food, an egg hunt, and egg coloring. Not to mention, FABULOUS weather!!!! Halle took a 2 hour nap while we were there, so it really allowed us to spend great time outdoors with the older kids. Sophie was so into the egg hunt and coloring. She is at a great age for all of that. On Sunday, we were with Josh's family. His parents hosted dinner, another egg hunt, and more great weather! Halle almost rolled over on Easter day! She is sooooo close. We had one of the greatest weekends in a long time. This is a time of the year when we take time to reflect on what we have been given and are so thankful for all of the things we have been blessed with.

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