Friday, May 26, 2006

Halle is 5 months old!

I cannot believe that Halle is already 5 months old! Each month is just flying by! Before we know it, Halle and Sophie will be running around together. That is when things will REALLY pick up! She is looking more like Sophie everyday. She still has such a sweet nature about her. She is starting to show a little more personality and opinion about things. She is really interacting more with Sophie and loves it when Sophie pays some attention to her. She is sleeping great...11 hours at night and 3 naps during day totalling 4-5 hours.

We were not in any hurry to start cereal considering her weight and sleeping habits. We recently introduced cereal at 5 months. She did great with the spoon and loved it! She kicked her legs the whole time. We give it to her each evening. We are working up to twice a day now. I don't think she's starving, so there's no hurry!

She rolled over at 4.5 months. At her 4 month check-up the doctor warned me that "larger" babies are normally a little later at hitting their milestones, so I didn't think she'd roll over at 4 months. I can't keep her on her back. As soon as we lay her down she flips over. Today, she was trying to get up on her knees!!! Oh lordy! I don't know what I am going to do when they are each running in opposite directions!

It has been a great month and we are looking forward to the summer!

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