Saturday, July 29, 2006

What a great week!

This week was such a wonderful week. Although Josh started his first week in his new position, the girls and I were totally relaxed. There were no deadlines for me to meet, parties to plan, or classes to attend. I was able to TOTALLY focus on the family. On Monday, we went to Barnes & Noble for story time and to see Spot the Dog. Sophie loves Spot. On Tuesday, we met my students at McDonald's for lunch. Since we are looping, we decided to do something special with them over the summer. On Tuesday evening, I met my wonderful friend, Lynne, at Woodhouse Spa for a pedicure and glass of wine. That was a wonderful evening. On Wednesday, we met some friends at the zoo and enjoyed a nice picnic lunch. The picture below is of our kiddos at the zoo.
Top left: Ella Nagel, Top right: Sophie, Bottom left: Krue Nagel, Bottom right: Lauren (Krue's friend). We had a great time! Thank you, Erin Nagel, for putting that together!

On Thursday, we went over to visit Tyson and Greyson. On Friday, we went to Huntington North to visit Daddy, see his new office (I am in charge of decorating), and meet his collegues. They are all such wonderful people. On Friday night we went over to our neighbor's home (Ian) to celebrate the end of the week and enjoy a margarita. That was yummy! Thank you, Ian. It is now Saturday and we have had another relaxing morning. Josh took Sophie out with him this morning to get some shopping done while I stayed at home with Halle. I was able to get my Saturday chores done much more quickly with just one child in the home. My mom just got here, we are putting the girls down, and we are heading out to shop! What a great week! Just a couple more before the grind of the school year starts. I had better enjoy them.


  1. Enjoyed reading your blog. You have a beautiful family. I have 3 boys 1 daughter.

  2. Erin & The BoysAugust 1, 2006 at 1:22 PM

    Fun! I would enjoy the pedicure, too. Sounds like you had a busy week.


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